Student Advisory Service

Are you interested in writing your master thesis in the field of European or International Economic law or the Swiss-EU legal relations? You will find all relevant information hereafter.

General Rule: the law faculty's master thesis regulation applies.

  • 2 weeks prior to starting your work: schedule a preliminary discussion, prepare topic
  • 2 weeks time to think

The time period starts when the topic has been set in agreement with the IEW supervisor.

Deadline: The time period according to the faculty regulation applies. In case of any circumstances which delay the completion of the work and which are not due to the student's fault, there is the possibility to apply for an extension.


Students are eligible for three hours of mentoring by the supervisor. These three hours do not include the timeframe for concluding the choice of topic. Please take note of the suggested three phases of work:

  • Collecting literature; Reading into the topic; Working out a concept
  • Writing
  • Revising the text; Bringing it into a coherent form

Within the first weeks a short proposal must be handed in to the supervisor. This proposal will be discussed with the student. Suggestions will be made towards elaborating a definitive outline.

Use an example publication as your guide (e.g. Swiss Papers) and consult the relevant literature on citation techniques for legal publishing (e.g. Forstmoser Peter, Juristisches Arbeiten, Zürich 2018).

There is no possibility to hand in an early draft of the thesis. The professors and research staff will however be available for consultation - within the limit of three hours.

Publication on the IEW webpage: Students whose thesis receives at least a grade of 5.0 are eligible to publish their thesis on the IEW webpage. In this case, successive review and amendments prior to publication are a precondition.

Plagiarism will lead to the decline of the thesis. Plagiarism includes the insertion of text parts without indication of the source. There may be special software employed in the review process to detect plagiarism. In case of plagiarism, no further thesis can be submitted to the IEW.